Dear Cambridge learners and families of Cambridge learners,


We hope you and your families are safe and well at this very difficult time. We know that schools are facing challenging circumstances and we continue to provide as much clarity as we can, as quickly as we can. Some matters are complex, and we have to make sure our approach works for all Cambridge schools worldwide, in a variety of different national contexts. Our priority is to make sure our actions protect students’ safety, and to help them obtain the fairest outcome possible.


Our latest update for schools on 7 April 2020 provided more guidance on how we will award grades to students following our decision not to run our exams in the June 2020 series.


We will be asking schools to collaborate with us as we make evidence-based decisions about grades for students in each subject. We are asking schools to follow a four-step process:


• Step 1. School determines students’ predicted grades for each syllabus


• Step 2. School determines each student’s place within a rank order of all candidates within each grade for each syllabus


• Step 3. Head of school confirms the predicted grades and rank orders, and school sends them to Cambridge International


• Step 4. Cambridge International combines school data with a standardisation process and awards final grades for each student.


We trust our schools to use their professional judgement to predict the likely performance of their students at the end of the course.


We have drafted answers to questions that we are receiving regularly from learners and their families. You can find these below.


We appreciate your continued patience and support. Our thoughts and best wishes are with you all.

Yours faithfully,





Which qualifications will be included in this approach?

We will follow this process to award grades for students who have been entered for Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge O Level, Cambridge International AS & A Level, Cambridge IPQ or Cambridge Pre-U syllabuses in the June 2020 series.


我们将采用这一流程,为已报名参加 2020 年 5 月/6 月剑桥 IGCSE、剑桥 O Level、剑桥国际 AS & A Level、剑桥 IPQ 以及剑桥 Pre-U 科目考试的学生评定等级。

How will schools predict grades?

We are asking schools to use their professional experience to make a fair and objective judgement of the grade they believe students would have achieved had they sat their exams this year. It is important that schools take into account the fullest range of evidence available to them when they predict students’ grades - including non-exam assessment; the results of any assignments or mock exams; and any other records of student performance over the course of study. We are also asking schools to provide a rank order of students within each grade. This is because the standardisation process will need more information than the grade alone. We have provided clear guidance to schools on the grading and rank ordering process to help staff in different schools take a common approach to assessing their students.


我们现在要求学校使用自己的专业经验做出一个公平和客观的等级判断——这个判断是基于:假 如学生今年如期参加考试,他们将会获得的成绩。学校在预估等级时,需要充分考量可获得的全方位的证据,包括:非考试类测评;任何作业或模拟考试的成绩;以及学生在课程学习过程中的其它表现记录。我们也要求学校提供各个等级内的学生排名。这是因为标准化流程需要除了等级本身之外的更多信息。针对评定等级和排名的流程,我们已经为学校提供了清晰的指导,帮助不同学校的教师采用统一的方法对本校的学生进行评估。

When and how will predicted grades be submitted to Cambridge International?

We are working to adapt our IT systems to collect grades and rank orders in a way that is as simple as possible for schools. We will provide detailed instructions about how and when to submit the data as soon as possible. The deadline will not be earlier than 29 May 2020 and schools will have a window of at least two weeks in which to submit the data. In the meantime, we are advising schools on the next steps they need to take to give them the maximum possible time to prepare.


我们正在调试我们的 IT 系统,从而使学校提交等级及排名的方式尽可能便捷。至于什么时间以及采用什么方式提交,我们将尽快提供详细的说明。截止日期将不早于 2020 年 5 月 29 日,并且学校将有至少两周的窗口期来提交数据。同时,我们也在给学校提供关于后续步骤的说明与意见,以便给学校留出尽可能多的准备时间。

Should my child’s school be setting new work to inform the grade they submit?

Schools are not required to set additional mock exams or homework tasks for the purposes of determining a predicted grade, although schools may find it necessary to do so. We trust schools to decide how best to gather evidence of students’ performance.



Will predicted grades supplied by schools be accurate?

School-based assessment already has an important role in Cambridge International qualifications. In an unprecedented situation such as this, schools are best placed to judge the likely performance of their students if courses had been completed as normal.



What if I am unhappy with the decisions my child’s school has made?

Please speak to your child’s school if you are unhappy with any decisions they have made. Schools know their students best, so any concerns about such decisions must be raised as part of discussions between students, parents and the school itself. In addition to this, Cambridge International does not communicate directly with students about the administration of exams. Each school should communicate with students directly on such matters. We advise you to raise any concerns with your school.   



Will students see the predicted grades their school or college submits?

No. We are instructing schools not to share predicted grades or rank orders with students or families before final results are issued. This is to protect the integrity of the teachers’ judgements, and to avoid teachers, heads of department or heads of school feeling under pressure to submit a grade that is not supported by the evidence.   


不可以。我们要求学校在最终成绩公布之前,不得向学生或学生家人告知预估等级或排名。这是为了保护教师判断的诚信与公正,同时也避免各位教师、学科主管以及学校校长迫于压力提交一 个无足够证据支撑的等级。

When will results be released?

We have no plans to delay release of results beyond the scheduled publication date in August.


我们不会迟于 8 月原定的放榜日公布成绩。

Will grades issued in 2020 carry the same weight as grades issued in previous or future years?

Yes. The grades awarded to students will have equal status to the grades awarded in other years and should be treated in this way by universities and employers. On statements of results and certificates, grades will be reported in the same way as in previous years.

2020 年所评定的等级与往年或未来所评定的等级具有相同的分量吗?

是的。学生们会获得与其他年度同等分量的等级,大学和雇主们应该会以同样的方式看待(这些等级)。在成绩报告(statements of results)和证书上,等级报告方式将与往年相同。

Will students be able to progress to the next stage of education or employment with these grades?

Yes, this approach will enable students to move onto the next stage of their education or employment as planned.



Can students appeal these grades?

We will make sure every school has the right to appeal the grades that students are awarded, as part of providing a fair and equitable system. We are still working on an appeals process for the June 2020 series, and will publish full details later. For now, we can tell you that there will be an appeals process, and it is likely to be confined to situations in which schools have reason to believe we have made an error in our standardisation process.


作为一个公正且平等系统的一部分,我们将确保每所学校都有权利对学生们所被评定的等级提出复议。我们仍在制定 2020 年 5 月/6 月考季的复议流程,将于晚些时候公布全部细则。目前,我们可以告诉各位的是,我们将会有复议流程,这个流程或仅限于学校有理由认为我们在标准化流程中出现错误的情况。

How will this affect private candidates?

We know that private candidates are anxious to know how these arrangements apply to them. Where centres have accepted entries from private candidates, those students should be included where the head of centre is confident that they and their staff have seen sufficient evidence of the student’s achievement to make an objective judgement. Heads of centre will be responsible for vouching for the authenticity of the evidence gathered about every candidate. Unfortunately, we recognise that centres may not be able to find enough evidence for some of their private candidates. It may not be possible therefore to give grades to all private candidates, some of whom may instead need to take exams in the November 2020 exam series to get their grades.


我们知道独立考生们急于知道这些安排如何适用于自己的情况。已经接受独立考生报名的中心,若中心负责人相信有与学生学业成绩相关的充分证据,足以做出客观的判断,这些考生应该被纳入(这一成绩评定流程)。中心负责人将负责担保针对每位考生所收集的证据的真实性。遗憾的是,我们认识到,中心可能无法为他们的某些独立考生找到足够的证据。因此,有可能无法为每一位独立考生给予等级。某些独立考生可能需要参加 2020 年 11 月考季的考试才能获得他们的等级。

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